FabTime Cycle Time Management for Wafer Fabs
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FabTime Software User Tip of the Month (for Customers Only)

  • Do you use FabTime’s web-based dashboard software at your site?
  • Are you interested in learning about new features and tips for getting the most out of FabTime?
  • Would you like to be able to exchange FabTime best practices with users from other sites?

If so, then FabTime’s Tip of the Month email list is for you. (Note: this list is only available to FabTime software customers.) Simply fill in the form below (using your corporate email address), and FabTime will send you a short, html-based email, no more often than once a month. The emails will include tips for using FabTime more effectively. We’ll also highlight new features as they become available. A new aspect of the Tip of the Month emails in 2012 will be a knowledge-sharing forum, which we will facilitate among FabTime customers. Although historically the content from the Tip of the Month emails has been included in FabTime's newsletter, starting in 2012, extra content will be included that will only be sent via the Tips list.

Here are a few examples of recent tips:
  • Set Default Filters for Commonly Used Charts
  • Set a Default Home Page Tab for Login
  • Use Powerpoint to Display Live FabTime Charts on Monitors
  • Export Full Datasets to Excel
  • Measure Lot Line Yields
  • Add Complex Logic within Standard Filters

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