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Managing Time Constraints between Process Steps in Wafer Fabs (Issue 24.02)

Welcome to Volume 24, Number 2 of the FabTime Cycle Time Management Newsletter. In this issue, we have an exciting staffing update about the promotion of Lara Nichols to become FabTime’s President. We also have an announcement about our recent collaborative case study with Flexciton at the Fab Owners Alliance meeting, as well as the usual updates from Jennifer’s LinkedIn. Our software tip of the month includes two ways of measuring the duration of downtime events, following up on a tip from the last issue.

We have a plethora of subscriber discussion in this issue, including calculating theoretical cycle time, X-Factor, and the value of a day’s worth of cycle time, as well as managing bottlenecks. Our final subscriber question, about managing a process sequence with time constraints between steps inspired us to make time constrained processing the topic of this issue’s main article. Jennifer studied time constrained systems for her PhD research and has been remiss in not delving into this complex topic sooner. She discusses capacity planning methods for time constrained systems, then moves on to operational issues, and closes with a few recommendations for coping with time constraints in practice. As always, we welcome your feedback