FabTime® is a wafer fab production management software that works by taking a continuous feed of operational transactions from the factory execution system (MES), and processing these transactions real-time for storage in a database.

Outputs (including charts and tables) can be viewed using a standard web browser across a corporate Intranet. FabTime® is designed to give people who run wafer fabs quick, easy access to the data they need to drive improvements.

FabTime’s web-based interface minimizes installation and training costs, and its comprehensive security model enables controlled system access for a wide factory audience. FabTime® also includes the documentation, help, and customer support that you would expect from a commercial system.


reports and charts

150+ Predefined Charts and Reports

live software training

Live Software Training for End-Users


Detailed Documentation and User Tips

24-hr monitoring

24-Hour System Monitoring

reports and charts

Personalized Technical Support

dedicated programmers

Dedicated Programmers

regular updates

Regular Updates and Improvements

FabTime® can help you to cut production cycle times by 10%, hot lot cycle times by 20%, and report preparation time by at least 50%.

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